ERC Workshop on

Variational Views in
Mechanics and Materials

Pavia (Italy)
June 24-26, 2013

Invited Speakers:
Kaushik Bhattacharya
Elena Bonetti
Georg Dolzmann
Irene Fonseca
Gero Friesecke
Giovanni Leoni
Alexander Mielke
Massimiliano Morini
Mark A. Peletier
Marcello Ponsiglione
Bernd Schmidt
Ben Schweizer
Florian Theil

Gianni Dal Maso
Diego Grandi
Maria Giovanna Mora
Matteo Negri
Paolo Piovano
Ulisse Stefanelli

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Registered participants, June 20, 2013

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Università, Palazzo Centrale, Aula Scarpa
Corso Strada Nuova 65, Pavia,
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Aims of the workshop:

Variational principles are ubiquitous in physical and engineering systems. Both stationary and evolutive phenomena are often described by means of variational ideas. In particular, minimality and stationarity are driving principles tousually describe equilibria and most evolution models, including gradient flows and Hamiltonian dynamics, are directly driven by functionals.

The Workshop aims at bringing together experts in the field of variational modeling and methods in Mechanics and Materials. It is meant be the occasion both for a comparison of different state-of-the-art perspectives and techniques and some possible fruitful cross-fertilization of ideas. Stage will be offered to established and to perspective research leaders.

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