ambiente non antropizzatoTo understand real phenomena, the scientist almost invariably must deal with randomness. The increasing complexity of human activities on one side and the ability of collecting increasing amounts of data has made stochastic modelling and statistical data analysis essential disciplines for the representation of phenomena and knowledge extraction from data.

Since 1980 this group has specialized in probability and statistics, building expertise in space and time stochastic processes, stochastic differential equations and nonparametric methods. Traditionally the Bayesian inferential paradigm has been adopted, but the know-how of the group also includes other inferential approaches. Applications are a fundamental aspect of a statistician's work; at IMATI, stochastic modelling and data analysis have been applied to problems in industry, engineering, ecology, geophysics, finance and medicine.

The diversified competencies of the group have made it possible to successfully address a wide range of problems, which is demonstrated by numerous publication in international journals, by the participation to funded research projecs, regional projects, national flagship projects and EU projects with relevant technology transfer components, and by contracts with private companies. The group has a extended network of international contacts and it attracts visiting scholars and young researchers also from abroad. A trademark activity of the group is the annual Applied Bayesian Statistics school for the training of young researchers, taught by internationally recognized experts.

Our research is currently developed following thre main research axes:



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