Advanced Visualization Techniques for 3D data and images in biomedical contexts

Project Details

  • Scope: Regional
  • Topic item:
  • Funding Source: PO CRO Fondo Sociale Europeo Regione Liguria 2007-2013 Asse IV “Capitale Umano” ob. specifico l/6
  • Starting Year: 2012
  • End Year: 2015
  • Principal investigator: Marco Attene

Project Summary

In image-based diagnosis an effective data visualization is fundamental, in particular when data are significantly complex as for 3D images. Our objective is to make it easier for image-based diagnosis to take advantage of recent research results achieved in the area of 3D visualization. To support the research, development and validation of advanced visualization tools, we will develop innovative methods for storing, sharing and processing 3D biomedical data within Internet-based repositories.
Sharing 3D models and software tools on the Internet rises a number of issues which have been partly studied by the EU FP6 project AIM@SHAPE; this project was coordinated by CNR-IMATI and led to the development of the Digital Shape Workbench (DSW). Adapting the DSW to the needs of scientific visualization is one of the objectives of CNR-IMATI within the EU FP7 project VISIONAIR ( imati.cnr. it), whose main goal is to create a European infrastructure of advanced visualization facilities.
Thus, we wish to create a bridge between the potential of VISIONAIR and the peculiar needs of biomedical contexts; besides such an academic perspective, the project plans to establish a relation between the most modern techniques for visualizing and sharing 3D data and images with the market needs in the area of image-based diagnosis.