RSE CNR joint

Project Details

  • Scope: International
  • Topic item: RSE-CNR International Joint Project Grant
  • Funding Source: CNR
  • Starting Year: 2019
  • End Year: 2021
  • Principal investigator: Michela Mortara

RSE-CNR International Joint Project

Cultural Heritage: Modelling the challenge to visitor flow in specific historic buildings

Project Summary

This project will deliver urgently-required knowledge of visitor movement in restricted spaces directly impacting safety accross the tourist industry. Congestion in historic buildings detracts from the visitor experience, and elevated risks result from increased visitation, increased typical and extreme body size and reduced speed / agility. Serious gaming is an appropriate way of conveying the challenge of this issue without stigmatising individuals. Instead, digital characters can be sized to different percentages of the host population, and adjusted to create the exact demographic and ethnic mix of groups visiting a particular location, to accurately simulate non normal visitor movement (e.g., medical evacuation, fire).