Project Details

  • Scope: Regional
  • Topic item: Cloud broker for SMI
  • Funding Source: Regione Liguria Program POR-FESR 2007-2013 Action
  • Starting Year: 2011
  • End Year: 2013
  • Principal investigator: Andrea Clematis

Project Summary

The project aims at designing and implementing a Cloud computing platform for offering scalable and interoperable infrastructure solutions. Conceptual innovation introduced by RE-THINK is represented by the entry of an actor, the broker, able to rely both on private cloud or public cloud (therefore with a mix of high and low cost resources). The broker offers the client a guaranteed SLA facing the deficiencies of public cloud resources with private ones. It implements dynamic tuning mechanisms of acquisition and release of resources according to SLA and load, so it can "enlist" resources to cope with unexpected peak demand so completely transparent to the customer. The purpose of this component is therefore a better business model with economic repercussions and user satisfaction

CNR-IMATI it is responsible on the design activities related to the definition of the brokering system architecture and algorithms, and the implementation of a discrete-event simulator, used for the verification and validation, of different application scenarios.