PRIN: Metodologie innovative nella modellistica differenziale numerica

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The overall focus of the project is the development of new and more efficient numerical methods for treating differential models based on PDEs. We aim at improving the impact of numerical modelling in the simulation, prediction or control of relevant phenomena in science, technology, and social environments. The common denominator of our activity will be the use of discretization methods that hinge upon a variational, or weak, formulation of the differential problem of interest, in the framework of the so-called Galerkin approach. This approach, in its various realizations, has provento be a powerful, flexible and robust tool for treating complex andrealistic models, e.g. via the finite element  method (FEM). Yet newschemes, based on non-standard expansions or representations of discrete functions, are coming up on the stage even very recently as better alternatives, and we want to devote attention to some of them. Our main objective will be the reduction of the computational complexity of numerical models, by removing or circumventing the obstructions that prevent the simulation of real-life problems at an affordable cost.