Friday, 25 May 2018, 10.30 a.m.,

Dr. Raphaelle Chaine,

at the conference Leonardo room of IMATI-CNR in Genova, will give a lecture titled:

Quasi-uniform triangulations for virtual sculpture

Digital sculpting is an important tool for the creation of a large variety of 3D objects in the film industry and for computer games. The aim of that work was to develop an intuitive system for both professional and amateur users, complementing or replacing more traditional and less intuitive methods based on NURBS patches or subdivision surfaces. Professional applications allowed to interactively sculpt highly detailed objects but lacked certain features. In this talk we will describe how triangulations can be used to track a surface being sculpted interactively with deformation fields. We will focus on the way to embed and to maintain some drawings on this surface or to transform it as an aggregate of small objects such as a sand pile or a swarm of birds. These approaches rely on maintaining a quasi uniform sampling of the surface, while ensuring some visual continuity.
Followed by Dr. Julie Digne, with the lecture titled:
Shape modeling based on similarity analysis
Most object surfaces exhibit strong local similarity defined as repetitions and variations of geometric patterns. These local properties can be inherited from the material the objects are made of or the tools used to shape them. In this talk we will describe how these local variations can be discovered and described. Using well chosen descriptors, we are able to extract and describe these data similarities. Exploiting the repetitions then allows us to revisit various surface processing tasks such as denoising, compression, shape resampling. and super-resolution. We demonstrate the validity of our approach on several shapes such a digitized statues and mechanical objects but also on urban scenes.