IMATI CNR is hosting the third Face to Face Meeting of the W3C Data eXchange Working Group (DXWG), May 8-9, 2018.


Istituto per la Matematica Applicata e Tecnologie Informatiche "Enrico Magenes" (IMATI),
Colombo Hall, 11th floor,
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), 
Via de Marini, 6 (Torre di Francia), 16149 Genoa,Italy

(The Meeting Attendance is restricted to Group Members and Invited Observers)

DXWG's goals

The DXWG aims at maximizing interoperability between services such as data catalogs, e-Infrastructures and virtual research environments requires not just the use of standard vocabularies but of application profiles. Rather than limit the number of metadata standards and application profiles in use, systems should be able to expose and ingest (meta)-data according to multiple standards through a transparent and sustainable interface. A mechanism for servers to indicate the available standards and application profiles, and for clients to choose an appropriate one is needed. This leads to the concept of content negotiation by application profile, which is orthogonal to content negotiation by data format and language that is already part of HTTP. It is expected that a new RFC on this topic will be developed at IETF and published in parallel with the Dataset Exchange Working Group, based on the existing draft presented at the SDSVoc workshop. Taken together, this external work and the DXWG's definition of what is meant by application profile and how clients and servers may interact in different ways based on that, will provide a powerful means to exchange data in any format (JSON, RDF, XML etc.) according to declared structures against which the data can be validated.

The goal of the working group is to extend the existing DCAT standard in line with wider practice but also to recognize and support diverse approaches to data description and Dataset Exchange more generally.
The Working Group will deliver the following W3C normative specifications (titles of the documents are provisional):

  • DCAT 1.1: An update and expansion of the current DCAT Recommendation. The new version may deprecate, but MUST NOT delete, any existing terms.
  • Guidance on publishing application profiles of vocabularies: A definition of what is meant by an application profile and an explanation of one or more methods for publishing and sharing them.
  • Content Negotiation by Application Profile: An explanation of how to implement the expected RFC and suitable fallback mechanisms as discussed at the SDSVoc workshop.