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Antonio Pievatolo

Role: Senior Researcher
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  • My main body of research belongs broadly to industrial statistics. In particular, I like to address problems in engineering and technology using stochastic modelling tools, with a preference for Markov and point processes.  My main contributions can be found in the application of stochastic modelling to reliability and to electrical power systems. As far as statistical inference is concerned, I have often followed the Bayesian approach, but I also like the frequentist approach, depending on which one is more effective for the problem at hand.

  • Education and positions held

    Degree in Statistical Sciences and PhD in Statistics from Padua University. I have been with IMATI CNR since 1997.


    President-elect of ENBIS (2015-2017)
    Head of the Programme Committee of the ENBIS 2015 annual conference
    Member of the scientific committee of the GDRR 2013 and GDRR 2015 symposia
    Vice-president of ENBIS (2013-2015)
    Program chair of the Industrial Statistics section of ISBA (2012-2013)
    Member of the scientific committee of the BISP workshop series (from 2005 to 2013)
    Member of the scientific committee of the ENBIS 2011 annual conference
    Associate Editor of Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (since 2008)


    I have been teaching an introductory course of statistics at the PhD in Statistics at Bocconi University (since 2012).
    I taught several courses of statistical inference for the engineering programme at the Polytechnic of Milan (2002-2012).

    Scientific consulting

    I did scientific consulting for Candy Group, TQM Itaca, Gusbi and CESI (now RSE), under ad-hoc research contracts.