Martedì 12 Febbraio 2019, alle ore 16:30 precise (notare cambio orario), presso la sala conferenze dell’IMATI-CNR di Pavia, il

Dr. Rafael Vazquez, EPFL, Losanna, Svizzera.

terrà un seminario dal titolo:

Recent developments for isogeometric methods with hierarchical B-splines

nell'ambito del Seminario di Matematica Applicata (IMATI-CNR e Dipartimento di Matematica, Pavia),

Al termine della conferenza sarà organizzato un piccolo rinfresco.


Abstract. Hierarchical B-splines are probably the most successful choice for the development of adaptive isogeometric methods. The local refinement capability is obtained by a simple multilevel construction, where the set of active functions is decided through a check on their support. They possess a sound mathematical theory for adaptive refinement, which is based on admissible meshes, a class of suitably graded meshes.

In this talk I will present several recent results towards the efficient use of hierarchical B-splines. I will first present a coarsening algorithm for the construction of admissible meshes, and show its advantages in the solution of the transient heat equation with a moving heat source. I will also present the construction of an additive multilevel preconditioner, based on admissible meshes, in such a way that the condition number is bounded and independent of the number of levels. In the last part of the talk I will show results on the construction of hierarchical C^1 basis functions on geometries constructed with two patches.