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Michela Mortara

Role: Senior Researcher
+39 010 6475 669

  • Geometric Modelling; 3D Shape Analysis and Understanding; Segmentation and Skeleton extraction; Serious Games

  • Michela Mortara graduated in July 1999 in Computer Science from the University of Genova and since then she is member of the Shape Modeling Group at IMATI-CNR Genova. She started her research activities on 2D shape analysis for polygon morphing and surface reconstruction from planar sections, with a particular focus on the structural aspects of shapes. Then she moved to the 3D setting, focusing on morphological analysis, curvature estimation, skeleton extraction and segmentation of 3D objects. In May 2004 she got a Ph.D. in Robotics. From 2004 to 2008 she joined the AIM@SHAPE Network of Excellence working on analysis and structuring of 3D shapes as a mean to devise the semantics (meaning or functionality) of shapes and their parts. In this framework she developed a method to automatically identify human body parts, compute anthropometric measures and locate standard landmarks on human body models which received the 2006 Computers&Graphics best paper award, with further applications in the construction of control skeletons for animation. Recently she started a new activity on semantic rendering and on the automatic selection of the best view of 3D object based on their visible salient features. She has been actively involved in the FOCUS K3D project promoting the adoption of CG and Knowledge technologies in several application domains; in particular, she followed the Gaming and Simulation, Medicine and BioInformatics activities. Since 2010 she is involved in GALA - Games and Learning Alliance, leading the Special Interest Group on Serious Games for Humanities and Heritage.