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Lorenzo Tamellini

Role: Researcher
+39 0382548223
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    • Isogeometric Analysis (IGA): Approximation properties of splines/NURBS spaces; Collocation methods; Multipatch/trimmed volumes.
    • Uncertainty Quantification (UQ): Polynomial methods for forward and inverse high-dimensional uncertainty quantification problems for random PDEs; Optimized stochastic Galerkin and sparse grids Collocation methods; Proper Generalized Decomposition method; Bayesian update and maximum likelyhood methods; Global sensitivity analysis.
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics and Geophysics: numerical methods for Darcy and Navier-Stokes flows and for the geochemical compaction problem.

    • February 2016 - today: Researcher, Istituto di Matematica Applicate a Tecnologie Informatiche"Enrico Magenes'" (IMATI), Pavia, Italy.
    • May 2015 - February 2016: Postdoctoral fellowship at Department of Mathematics Università di Pavia, Italy
    • January 2012 - April 2015: Postdoctoral fellowship, MATHICSE-CSQI, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
    • January 2012 - October 2013: Postdoctoral fellowship at the MOX lab at Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano


    • Ph.D.: Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, advisor prof. F. Nobile, March 2012
    • Master of Science: Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (December 2008) and Torino (June 2010)
    • June 2009: Alta Scuola Politecnica Diploma.