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Antonella Bodini

Role: Researcher
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  • Recent research interests, in alphabetic order:

    • Climate change
    • Fuzzy Sets
    • Hidden Markov Models
    • Information theory
    • Pooling of experts opinions
    • Statistical Data Analysis
    • Statistical Applications to Ecology
    • Statistical Applications to Environment
    • Statistical Applications to Medicine
    Via E. Bassini 15
    20133 Milano
    fax: +39 02 23699538

    Degree in Mathematics in July 1995 at the University of Pavia
    PhD in Statistical Mathematics in January 2002 at the University of Pavia.
    Researcher at IMATI-Milano from December 2001.

    The researches carried out in the last years, considering both theoretical and applied topics, can be summarized in the following key words: metapopulation dynamic modeling and probabilistic evaluation of metapopulation management strategies; modelling of rainfall data; probabilistic pooling of partially incomplete and/or incompatible expert opinions. Applications concern climate, agro-meteorology and ecology.

    I actively participated in many national and international projects, of a few of which I have been the scientific responsible. I have the chance to collaborate with several researchers with a completely different background. At present, I'm involved in the projects INTEGRATE and MATHTECH.

    I'm a member of the Research Groups for Statistical Applications to Environmental Problems (GRASPA-SIS).

    I had also the stimulating opportunity to teach Statistics at different levels and for different students.