The French - Italian Seminar aims at illustrating and developing scientific collaborations between French and Italian researchers in the field of applied mathematics. The seminar takes place in the conference room of IMATI-CNR, Pavia, and it alternates an Italian speaker and a French one, in video connection from Paris. The precise date and time of each seminar will be announced in due time. For further information, please contact the organizers Laura Spinolo and Rafael Vázquez.


Friday, 25 November 2016 - Prof. Giuseppe Toscani  Information theoretic inequalities for log-concave and stable densities.

 June 24,  2016 Prof. Alessandro Russo The Virtual Element Method: New Results and Perspectives.
 May 27, 2016 Prof. B. Perthame  PDE models for neural network.
 November 6, 2015 Prof. G. Sangalli  C^1 Isogeometric spaces on multipatch geometries.
 June 12, 2015 Prof. Albert Cohen  Data Assimilation in reduced modeling
 March 6, 2015 Prof. Valeria Simoncini  Kronecker sums of matrices: Computation, sparsity properties and applications
 January 16, 2015 Prof. Sylvia Serfaty   Systèmes de points avec interaction coulombienne et Riesz
 December 5,  2014      Dr. Laura Spinolo  A counter-example concerning regularity properties for systems of conservation laws.
 November 7, 2014 Prof. Sylvia Serfaty         (postponed at January 16, 2015)
 October 3, 2014 Prof. Daniele Boffi  Adaptive approximation of eigenproblems: multiple eigenvalues and clusters



 June 13, 2014 Prof. François Murat  Omogeneizzazione del problema del pettine-cardatura con termine noto in L1
 April 4, 2014      Prof. Franco Brezzi Virtual Element Spaces and applications
 March 7, 2014 Prof. Didier Smets            Sur le mouvements des interfaces métastables dans les systèmes gradients 1D
 February 7, 2014 Prof. Analisa Buffa Isogeometric analysis and the maths behind it
 January 10, 2014        Prof. Yvon Maday Analyse numérique de quelques problèmes de calcul de structures électroniques