Project Details

  • Scope: International
  • Topic item: REFLECTIVE7
  • Funding Source:
  • Starting Year: 2015
  • End Year: 2017
  • Principal investigator: Michela Spagnuolo

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Project Summary

Inspired by the needs of the Cultural Heritage community and the emerging trends of geometric and semantic research, the consortium will work with a set of fragmented artefacts.

3D data captured by digitizing techniques are enriched with metadata encoded in an ontology. The geometric data (3D digital model) and the semantic information (metadata) will be analysed and integrated with shape analysis, 3D matching techniques and  semantic and natural language processing.

The integration of the analysis approaches into a single decision support environment, with a full suite of visualisation and analysis tools, will provide a unique resource for the scientific community in the Cultural Heritage area.

GRAVITATE is building its research on a challenging case-study: fragments of monumental terracotta statues from Salamis, Cyprus, dating to around 650 – 600 B.C.E., dispersed in museums in Cyprus, the UK, France and Australia.