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Giuseppe Patanè

Role: Senior Researcher
+39 010 6475684
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  • Computational Geometry
    Computational Topology
    Computer Graphics
    Geometry Processing
    Multidimensional Media
    Semantic 3D media
    Shape Analysis
    Shape Annotation
    Shape Description
    Shape Modelling
    Shape Similarity
    Shape Recognition and Classification

  • Giuseppe Patanè is researcher at CNR-IMATI (2006–today) Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies – Italian National Research Council, and member of the Shape Modeling Group. He was a research fellow at CNR-IMATI from 2001 to 2005. From 2001, my research and teaching activities have been focused on the definition of paradigms and algorithms for modeling and analyzing digital shapes and multidimensional data. One of the main aspects underlying these activities is the balance between pursuing a mathematically rigorous understanding of continuous models and providing algorithms for shape modeling and analysis. These activities are organized along three main avenues: (i) topological and geometric modeling of digital shapes; (ii) high-level and semantic analysis of digital shapes; (iii) definition of a unified paradigm for modeling and analyzing d-dimensional data and their attributes. Giuseppe Patanè was a visiting Post–Doc (2005) at the D4–Computer Graphics Department of the Max–Planck–Institut fuer Informatik (Saarbrueken–Germany). He received a Ph.D. in "Mathematics and Applications" from the University of Genova (2005) and a Post–Lauream Degree Master in "Applications of Mathematics to Industry" from the "F. Severi National Institute for Advanced Mathematics", Department of Mathematics and Applications–University of Milan (2000). FInally, he received an Advanced Laurea Degree in Mathematics from the University of Genova (1999).