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Antonella Galizia

Role: Researcher
+39 010 6475562

  • Benchmarking
    GPGPU Computing
    Grid and Cloud Computing
    High Performance Computing on Complex Systems
    Manycore Systems
    Parallel Algorithms
    Parallel and Distributed Computing
    Performance Monitoring
    Quality of Service

  • Antonella Galizia obtained the Laurea Degree cum laude in Mathematics at the University of Naples Federico II in Dicember 2001, a Post-Lauream Degree Master in "Advanced Technologies in Comunication and Information Processing" at the "International Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies", Vietri sul mare (Sa) in July 2003, and a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Genova in May 2008. In June 2003 she started her research activity at the IMATI-CNR Genova.

    During the Ph.D., her research aimed at the design and the development of high performance tools for distributed image processing to enable the parallel elaborations of large image datasets and a proper scheduling on Grid resources. A particular emphasis was on Life Science applications, actually she examined issues pertaining to an efficient analysis of Tissue MicroArray images on the Grid.

    In 2008, she was selected for the participation in the NURC - NATO Undersea Research Centre - Research Assistantship Programme 2008; she spent three months at the NURC, La Spezia, Italy.

    In 2010, she obtained a Spanish grant (ICTS-2009-40) applying the CESGA, Supercomputing Centre of Galicia, call to access the Finis Terrae supercomputer, and she spent one month and half at CESGA, Santiago De Compostela, Spain. The grant was obtained to investigate the topic “Characterization of spatio-temporal predictability of severe weather events through HPC and Grid based Hydro-Meteorology Research”.

    In 2011, Antonella was invited at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) University of Munich, Germany, department of Computer Science. She spent three months collaborating with the Munich Network Management group to investigate issues related to the Green Computing.

    During her PostDoc activity, she worked on different projects oriented to the efficient and effective exploitation of high performance and Grid computing in different fields as docking based on geometric shape of surfaces, fluid dynamics for axial flow compressor profiles design, interoperability issues for distributed system, hydro-meteorology research. In the meantime, she worked on the definition of a scheduling policy and the development of a system for the dynamic allocations of the parallel jobs on the Grid and hybrid Clouds considering matchmaking between job and resources based on application-oriented benchmark information and energy issues.

    As a temporary researcher at IMATI, Dr. Galizia has participated to different EU founded projects aimed to promote and use e-Infrastructures within the hydro-meteorological research community in Europe and US. Through the DRIHM2US, DRIHM and DRIHM2US projects, she gained a deep knowledge on specific applications, the development of e-Science portals and web sites, and on the exploitation of European e-Infrastructure ecosystems such as European Grid Infrastructure (EGI), EGI Federated Cloud, and the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE).