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Franca Giannini

Role: Research Director
+39 010 6475666; +39 3341993358

  • CAD-CAE-CAM, Computer Aided Product Modelling, Computer Aided Styling, Computer Graphics Context Modelling, e-Science, Explorative Search, Geometry Processing, Health, ICT for Maritime, Industrial Design, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Organization Systems, Knowledge Technologies, Linked Data, Metadata Analysis, Multicultural and Multilingual Issues, Multimedia and 3D Infrastructure, Ontology Design, Product Lifecycle Management Safety, Semantic 3D media, Semantic Granularity, Semantic Rendering, Semantic Similarity Shape Analysis, Shape Annotation, Shape Description, Shape Modelling, Shape Recognition and Classification, Shape Similarity

  • Franca Giannini is researcher director at the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the National council of Research in Genova, Italy. She graduated in applied mathematics from the University in Genoa in November 1986. Since then, taking into account the evolution of the available technologies and changes in working processes, she has concentrated on different issues for the specification of tools and methodologies for 3D geometric model representation, analysis and synthesis. In particular she focused on the development of shape processing and modelling tools adaptable to the application needs by exploiting contextual knowledge, in particular that related to industrial product development. She has participated and been responsible for IMATI in several national and international projects, carrying on strong collaboration with both international research institutions and companies, such as industrial CAD developers, (e. g. Dassault Systemes, think3), and end users companies (e.g. BMW, Pininfarina Studi e Ricerche and ALESSI). She is co-author of two patented software for automatic feature recognition for hybrid solid representation. The results of her research activity have been published in more than 140 reviewed papers presented in international conferences and journals. Her current research interests include multidimenstional media modelling and understanding and related knowledge formalisation in applications contexts.