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Corrado Pizzi

Role: Technologist
+39 010 6475670

  • Multimedia and 3D Infrastructure
    Service Oriented Architectures
    Shape Analysis
    Shape Modelling

  • Corrado Pizzi, graduated in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics of Genova University. He has been involved in some National and International Projects on spatial data processing and shape analysis. He has mainly studied techniques of geometric reasoning for the extraction of shape features from discrete surface models and methods for data set simplification. He was scientific responsible of the Project "Advanced technologies development for Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping and comparative analyses", and currently, he is responsible of the IMATI 3D laser scanning laboratory. His research interests are also in network security and in system management. He is responsible of the IMATI (U.O. S. Genova) information systems and network services.