Project Details

  • Scope: International
  • Topic item: Heterogeneous computing
  • Funding Source: EU
  • Starting Year: 2009
  • End Year: 2013
  • Principal investigator: Andrea Clematis

Project Summary

Open European Network for High-Performance Computing in Complex Environments

In different fields of science and engineering it is necessary to solve complex and challenging problems with high computational cost. For this purpose, scientists and engineers normally use homogeneous high performance computers. Nowadays, the emergence of heterogeneous computing allows research groups, enterprise and educational institutions to use networks of processors which are already available. On the other hand, high performance computers have become more and more hierarchical and heterogeneous (e.g., a cluster of multiprocessor nodes using multicore processors). These modern hierarchical and heterogeneous computing infrastructures are hard to program and use efficiently, particularly for extreme-scale computing. Consequently, none of the state-of-the-art solutions are able to efficiently use such environments. The goal of the Action is to establish a European research network focused on high performance heterogeneous computing in order to address the whole range of challenges posed by these new platforms including models, algorithms, programming tools and applications. Indeed, some of the most active research groups of the world, on this area, are in Europe. The network will contribute to exchange information, identify synergies and pursue common research activities, therefore reinforcing the strength of these groups and the leadership of Europe in this field.