Topology of phase diagrams and lines of descent

Project Details

  • Scope: National
  • Topic item:
  • Funding Source: MIUR - PRIN 2009 Programme
  • Starting Year: 2011
  • End Year: 2013
  • Principal investigator: Marco Attene

Project Summary

The collaboration between the Shape Modeling Group and the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Genova has given birth to this new national research programme (PRIN) where computational geometry and material sciences are put together to study the evolution of magma bodies within the Earth’s mantle.
The objective of the research unit at IMATI is to develop innovative methods for modeling and analysing simplicial complexes in arbitrary dimensions, with the aim of using these combinatorial structures to represent all the variables characterizing a thermodynamic system. The research program takes into account the topological, the morphological and the computational aspects related to the processing of geometric models of high dimensionality. Open issues related to Morse complexes and descending manifolds will be tackled, and algorithms to partition high-dimensional simplicial meshes will be designed.