Project Details

  • Scope: International
  • Topic item:
  • Funding Source: European Community - Information Society Technologies - FP7 - Coordination Action
  • Starting Year: 2008
  • End Year: 2010
  • Principal investigator: Bianca Falcidieno

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Project Summary

FOCUS K3D is a Coordination Action promoting the comprehension, adoption and use of knowledge intensive technologies for coding and sharing 3D media content in application areas that are both consolidated in the massive use of 3D digital resources (like Biomedicine or Product Modelling) and emerging (like Gaming or Archaeology). The projects aims at: building multi-disciplinary communities of researchers, 3D content creators and users; identifying issues that currently inhibit a broader user participation in the production of 3D content, and initiatives acting as catalysts for such a development; promoting and evaluating the results achieved by recent and ongoing projects to identify promising future developments.