SuFSeF: Sustainable Factory Semantic Framework

Project Details

  • Scope: National
  • Topic item:
  • Funding Source: MIUR : PNR Programma Nazionale della Ricerca 2011-2013
  • Starting Year: 2013
  • End Year: 2013
  • Principal investigator: Franca Giannini

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Project Summary

This Flagship project proposes an holistic framework integrating digital models and tools for supporting both the design and management of a real factory thanks to its complete virtual representation. In particular, the proposal intends to extend an already existing framework while focusing on the energy and environmental sustainability. The framework, developed in the European project Virtual Factory Framework (VFF), provides an extensible factory data model for products, processes, resources and buildings to support interoperability among different software tools. In order to address the environmental issues the framework will integrate specific data models and tools. The project will also study the feasibility of a specific monitoring system of the main energy-environmental indicators that cannot be calculated during the factory design stage. The prototype will represent a first step for the factory Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and will be a valid tool for achieving the Horizon 2020 purpose.