Geometric software to process 3D maps for boat hulls

Project Details

  • Scope: Regional
  • Topic item:
  • Funding Source: G.M.G., through funds obtained by POR-FESR Liguria 2007-2013
  • Starting Year: 2013
  • End Year: 2015
  • Principal investigator: Marco Attene

Project Summary

This consultancy research project was born in the context of an industrial research programme proposed by G.M.G. and funded by Regione Liguria. One of the main objectives is to study innovative solutions to refine the surface of raw boat hulls in a completely automated way through computer-driven robots.
Within this context, IMATI-CNR studies innovative methods to scan large surfaces at high resolution by subdividing them into smaller areas to be acquired one by one. IMATI-CNR is also responsible for the development of prototype geometric software tools to be used during the whole process, starting from the physical surface to be scanned, and up to the creation and management of the smooth digital model to be used for the eventual physical surface refinement.