The research team, established by Bianca Falcidieno in the early 80s, was one of the first CNR groups focusing on Computer Graphics, legitimately included in the Computational Mathematics area, and core expertise of the research group. The research activity focuses on the variety of challenges related to the shapeå of 3D objects, ranging from the study of representation methods and of geometric analysis tools for 3D shape modeling, classification and recognition, to knowledge formalization about the shape and the context where it is embedded and used.
The group also performs research in Knowledge Management, including methods for semantic analysis and management of multi-dimensional data and, more generally, of web resources exposed following the Linked Data paradigm.

The foundational research in Shape and Semantics Modelling (S&SM) has application in a variety of contexts, such as cultural heritage, industrial production, geo-spatial and environmental data management, medicine, bioinformatics. In all these domains integrating geometric information with semantics plays a key role with respect to the growing demand for massive digitization. The excellence of the team is reflected by the high level scientific publications and by a strong participation in international projects (e.g. in FP7, H2020).

The expertise of the group attracts many national and international collaborations with research institutions and universities, mainly with an interdisciplinary nature, with researchers and students exchanges. Among others, we collaborate with Università di Genova (Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science depts.)  Università di Bologna ( Mathematics), RWTH-AAchen/Germany (geometry processing and mesh reparing), Univ. of Southern Australia (machine learning for functionality recognition), Univ. of New York at Stony Brook/US (numerical methods for 3D shape analysis), LIMOS and Univ. of Clermont Ferrand/France and AMPT in Aix en Provence (shape analysis). At regional level, the group is involved in the Research and Innovation Research Pole POLITECMED (Polo Ligure delle TECnologie MEDicali) and collaborates with local administrations and companies.

Thanks to capacity of attracting new funds and by investing in training of young researchers, the group is currently composed of 12 researchers and technologists, a senior researcher and 2 research directors; between 2012 and 2014 the group has supervised 12 Master theses and 6 Ph.D. theses and has supported 6 research fellows and 4 collaborators.

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