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Silvia Biasotti

Role: Researcher
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  • Benchmarking, 

    Computational Topology, 

    Computer Graphics, 

    Geographical Information Systems, 

    Geometry Processing, 

    Information Retrieval, 

    Multidimensional Media, 

    Multimedia and 3D Infrastructure, 

    Multivariate Data Analysis, 

    Pattern Recognition, 

    Shape Analysis, 

    Shape Description, 

    Shape Modelling, 

    3D Shape Recognition and Classification, 

    3D Shape Similarity

  • Silvia Biasotti is a Researcher at IMATI-CNR, where since 1998 she is a member of the Shape Modeling Group.
    In September 1998, she received a Laurea in Applied Mathematics from the University of Genova, Italy. She got the Doctorate Degree (Ph.D. equivalent) in Mathematics and Applications in May 2004 and the Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Communication Technologies in April 2008, both from the University of Genova (Italy).

    Her research interests are related to shape modelling and computational topology, in particular she's working on the definition of new tools for the analysis and synthesis of multidimensional media.
    Since 1998, she has been addressing the study of 3D digital shapes through the analysis of the geometric-topological properties of real functions defined on the shape. She extended the definition of the Reeb graph to 2D and 3D discrete models and developed software prototypes for shape characterization and extended Reeb graph extraction from orientable surfaces and volumes.
    During years, special emphasis has been devoted to the comparison of Reeb graphs with other shape descriptors and, in cooperation with the Vision Mathematics group of the University of Bologna, she extended the computation of size functions to 3D shapes and multivariate functions.
    Application fields of these shape descriptors are DTM simplification and generalization, shape analysis, matching and classification of 3D datasets and best view selection.

    In 2015 she serves as Program co-Chair the organization of the annual event of Italian chapter of the Eurographics Association: STAG 2015: Smart Tools and Apps in Computer Graphics, Verona, 15-16 October 2015. Previously, she co-chaired the Eurographics Workshop  "3D Object Retrieval (3DOR)", Girona, Spain, 11 May 2013.
    She's an associate editor of the Intnl. Journal "ISRN Machine Vision" and editor of NoSMoG, the Newsletter of the Shape Modeling Group at IMATI-CNR and has served in the programme committee of several international conferences.

    She's involved in many scientific projects, and since 2013, she is responsible of Ansaldo SCAUT/CNR contract "METODI DI ANALISI DI NUVOLE DI PUNTI PER IL RILEVAMENTO DI POSSIBILI DIFETTI DI UN ROTABILE SCANSIONATO MEDIANTE DISPOSITIVI LASER".

    She's teaching the master course in Applied Mathematics: "Metodi di analisi di superfici discrete e loro applicazioni" at the University of Genova for the year 2005-2009, 2011/2012 and 2013/2014.