Project S1 -  Analysis of the seismic potential in Italy for the evaluation of the seismic hazard of the seismic hazard

Project Details

  • Scope: National
  • Topic item:
  • Funding Source: Agreement between Dipartimento Protezione Civile and Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
  • Starting Year: 2007
  • End Year: 2009
  • Principal investigator: Renata Rotondi

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Project Summary

Project summary – INGV-DPC

The study of seismicity is notoriously the integration of a multidisciplinary

approach. Geophysical, seismological, geodetic, geochemical, geological and

historical data are all useful in determining the seismic hazard of an area.

However it is practically impossible within a single 2-year project to approach

all the involved disciplines. In the S1 project we suggested to focus on

instrumental and historical seismology, earthquake geology, offfault/marine

paleoseismology, earthquake geodesy, neotectonic models, and earthquake

probabilities, with the purpose of

- collecting new data and critically re-evaluate the existing databases that

are needed in

the quantification of seismic hazard;

- promoting new studies focusing on specific fields of knowledge and in a

few unexplored areas;

- testing new and innovative approaches to evaluate seismic potential;

- bounding slip rate values to use within probabilistic hazard estimates;

- prepare the way towards a future seismic hazard map of Italy.