Workshop on "The Role of Similarity in the Re-unification, Re-assembly and Re-association of 3D Artefacts" 

The workshop is organized by IMATI-GE within the framework of Digital Heritage 2015, a federated world congress of the leadng international societies, organizations and events around IT for heritage.

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and professionals in Cultural Heritage contributing their perspective on the impact of digital techniques on re-­unification, re-assembly and re-­association of fragmented or dispersed cultural assets. Similarity evaluation is underlying most of these challenges. Comparative reasoning on artefacts and artifact's properties may relate to geometric attributes (e.g., spatial extent, aspect), to colorimetric properties (e.g., colour, texture), to specific traits that fragments exhibit (e.g., decorations), or to metadata documenting the artefacts. The workshop programme will give an overview of how computational similarity is addressed by ongoing research activities and European projects, and how it can be used at the geometric and semantic level for artefact and fragment analysis, supported by advanced digitalization techniques. The workshop is supported by the recently started H2020 EU project GRAVITATE.

Michela Spagnuolo and Bianca Falcidieno

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