Special session in GeoBigData - ISPRS Geospatial Week Montpellier (La Grande Motte), France, 28/09/2015 - 01/10/2015

The objective of the IQmulus Processing Contest (IQPC) is to evaluate the performance of software developed for geospatial data processing, an area which requires expertise from various disciplines: Geometry Processing, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing and Geomatics. Examples of geospatial processing tasks are the registration and alignment of heterogeneous point clouds, the classification and extraction of features in spatial datasets, the detection and characterization of dynamic events acquired by remote sensing or LiDar techniques.


Since 2013, IQPC is featured by the EU IQmulus project (http://www.iqmulus.eu/) and encourages the participation of the whole scientific community as well as specific user groups.

Software performance is evaluated through the creation of benchmarks and evaluation methodologies specific for selected processing tasks (IQmulus tracks). Besides the selection of test datasets with a ground truth, IQPC supports the usage of a common infrastructure where the executables submitted are run and results are collected and evaluated.

This year, IQPC 2015 will be the theme of a special session in the ISPRS GeoBigData conference (http://www.isprs-geospatialweek2015.org/) and track reports will be reviewed to be included in the conference proceedings. We plan to organize a journal special issue that will call for extended versions of these reports. Computers&Graphics (Elsevier) collected contributions from IQPC'14, while for IQPC'15 we are seeking an agreement with IJPRS, the ISPRS journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Elsevier, IF 2.902). Furthermore, a Best Track Award will be assigned by ISPRS to the most successful track. The winner will be announced at the conference and a EUR 1000 prize will be sponsored by IQmulus.

IQPC 2015 Tracks

The following tracks are organized. For a description of the task, the collections, queries, evaluation, procedures, and time schedule, follow the links or contact the track organizers.
1. Evaluation of 2D Footprints Automatically Generated From Urban LIDAR Data
Organizers: Dr. Linh Truong-Hong, University College Dublin, Ireland - Prof. Debra Laefer, University College Dublin, Ireland.
Contacts: ,

2. Water detection and classification on multi-source remote sensing and terrain data 
Organizers: Daniel Kristof (Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing "FOMI" - Budapest, Hungary)

3. Tree Separation and classification 
Organizers: Ben Gorte, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Links to past IQPCs

IQPC 2014
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IQPC’15 Organizers: Marco Attene, IMATI-CNR, Italy - Silvia Biasotti,IMATI-CNR, Italy

IQPC’15 Committee/Advisory Board: Jan Boehm, UCL, UK Hamish Carr, Univ. Leeds, UK Clément Mallet, IGN, France Debra Laefer, UCD, Ireland Roderik Lindenbergh, TUDelft, NL Nicolas Paparoditis, IGN, France Giuseppe Patanè, IMATI-CNR, Italy

IQPC’15 Technical Board: Corrado Pizzi, Piero Bruno, Davide Sobrero, IMATI-CNR, Italy

To contact the organizers, send a message to