MultiScaleHuman: Multi-scale Biological Modalities for Physiological Human Articulation

Project Details

  • Scope: International
  • Topic item:
  • Funding Source: European Commission
  • Starting Year: 2011
  • End Year: 2015
  • Principal investigator: Michela Spagnuolo

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Project Summary

Musculoskeletal diseases (MSD) and related disorders are often considered as an inevitable consequence of aging and they account for the largest fraction of temporary and permanent disability. In this context, the goal of Multi-scale Biological modalities for physiological human articulation (MultiScaleHuman) is to research by training a body of early stage researchers (ESR) and experienced researchers (ER) in the creation of a multi-scale biological data visualization and knowledge management system for improved understanding, diagnosis and treatment of physiological human articulation.

MultiScaleHuman will narrow its ambitious research towards a very important and challenging healthcare problem of MSD and related disorders. This will be achieved through initiating a network of ESR/ER with training provided from a three-sector-research consortium which involves academic (education), hospital (social actors) and private (industry) sectors. MultiScaleHuman will provide a unique training program, from technical to complementary skills learning by fully exploiting the training opportunities that Marie Curie ITN provides and by building a consortium of partners that brings multi-disciplinary skills in the understanding and treatment of physiological articulations in MSD and related disorders