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Renata Rotondi

Role: Senior Researcher

  • Methodological aspects

    • statistical analysis
    • Bayesian inference
    • point processes
    • Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
    • multiple change-point problem



    • analysis of earthquake sequence data and time-varying earthquake risk
    • macroseismic intensity attenuation
    • stress release models
    • pattern recognition in macroseismic fields
    • identification of seismic phases
    • RETAS model for aftershock sequences
  • Education: Degree in Mathematics (1980) and Master in Applied Mathematics (1983), Università di Milano (I)

    Position: Senior researcher at IMATI - CNR since 1995

    Main activities: researches in Mathematical Statistics and Statistical Seismology

    Responsible of Research Units in scientific projects:

    • 2012-2013 - European project "Urban Prevention Strategies using Macroseismic and Fault sources" (UPStrat-MAFA - Num. 230301/2011/613486/SUB/A5), DG ECHO Unit A5, EU-Civil Protection Financial Instrument
    • 2007-2009 - project S1 “Analysis of the seismic potential in Italy for the evaluation of the seismic hazard”, and project “V4-FLANK”, in the frame of the 2007-2009 Agreement  between the Italian Department of Civil Protection and the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)
    • 2004-2006 - project S2 “Evaluation of the seismogenic potential and probability of strong earthquakes in Italy”, in the frame of the 2004-2006 Agreement between the Italian Department of Civil Protection and the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)
    • 2000-2002 - project “Probable earthquakes in Italy from 2000 and 2030: elements for definition of priority in interventions for reduction of seismic risk”, in the frame of the 2000-2002  Programma Quadro of the Italian Group for Defence Against Earthquake (GNDT)
    • 1997-2000 - project “Assessment of Seismic Potential in European Large Earthquake Areas” (ASPELEA) supported by the Commission of the European Communities, DG XII, INCO-Copernicus Programme, Contract number: IC-15CT-97-0200

    Participation in CNR research groups:

    • module INT.P01.005 / Simulation and evaluation of environmental risks (responsible)
    • commessa ICT.P11.009 / Modelling of stochastic systems
    • commessa TA.P02.030 / Differential and stochastic modeling for the analysis of environmental phenomena

    Member of SIS (Italian Statistical Society), ISBA (International Society for Bayesian Analysis), EnviBayes (ISBA section on Environmental Sciences)