DRIHMS: Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology Study

Project Details

  • Scope: International
  • Topic item: Hydro-Meteorology
  • Funding Source: FP7-EU, contract number: RI-246703
  • Starting Year: 2009
  • End Year: 2011
  • Principal investigator: Andrea Clematis

Official project web site

Project Summary

Hydrometeorological science has made strong progress over the last decade at the European and worldwide level: new modelling tools, post processing methodologies and observational data are available. Recent European efforts in developing a platform for e-science provide an ideal basis for the sharing of complex hydrometeorological data sets and tools. Despite these early initiatives, however, the awareness of the potential of the Grid technology as a catalyst for future hydrometeorological research is still low and both the adoption and the exploitation have astonishingly been slow, not only within individual EC member states, but also on a European scale. The substantial investment in e-science has so far had little impact on hydrometeorological research.

The aim of DRIHMS is to systematically build a bridge between the HMR and ICT communities, to identify requirements of HMR users and match them to capabilities of the newly developed ICT infrastructure. The main goals of DRIHMS are:

  • Cross fertilization to match HMR and ICT communities;
  • To boost European research excellence and competitiveness in hydrometeorological research and Grid research by bridging the gaps between these two communities.